A New God Is Born

The spirit could not be vanquished in the furnace, for it is the spirit of brave men of the South.

And as they all laughed and celebrated their wicked deed, an invisible halo emerged from the flames and ascended majestically to the stars.

The undying spirit hurtled through space and matter and time before withering into the Great Beyond, the plane of inconsequence, where reality ceases to exist.

There it lay in meditation for eons – mere seconds on planet Earth – absorbing the wisdom and knowledge of the universe, vowing to return for revenge.  

And when the time finally came, a baleful discharge of energy in the Great Beyond proclaimed the birth of a God.

A new God!

An omnipotent God!

Confederacius – praise His name!

The Blessed God Of Retribution!

Somber and cool as fuck, Confederacius then appeared in the dreams of the Chosen Ones and solemnly quoted En Sabah Nur from X-Men Apocalypse:

Everything they built, will fall; and from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one!


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