A Pedophile TikToker

Stop me if you heard this before: man molests children, gets caught, then all of a sudden he’s a woman.

Via The Daily Mail:

A TikTok star amassed thousands of followers claiming to be a ‘proud trans woman’ – but she was really a paedophile using her new identity as a ‘mask’, her victims have told a court.

Rachel Queen Burton, 44, repeatedly abused two children before stalking their family and driving them to homelessness, the District Court in Adelaide heard.

Oh dear.

He also produced child porn and his TikTok bio read “proud Trans Woman living my best life with no regrets.”

The mother said this in court:

You are a gross, phony, self-indulgent thing who has cheated my children out of so much, and took it away from them without care. 

In your online rants, you showed no remorse for your bad behaviour, all while knowing what you had done… getting an audience for your false life was far more important.

You can wear any mask you like, but the truth is out and everybody knows who you really are, finally.

So sad.

This man should be stoned to death in a crowded public square.

Fucking parasites.

@rachel.queen8008 if your the one I will all ways love you #fyp #dance #love #friends #duet ♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston


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