Amouranth’s Vaginal Yeast Beer

Amouranth is one of those scantily clad hussy streamers insanely popular with the simps. She has big tits and a torpid face. After watching 5 minutes of this bitch in a hot tub – as research for this post, of course – I can confidently say that she’s also dumb as an ox and just as interesting.

Amouranth in a recent interview:

I’m actually working with a beverage company. It’s not my own. I’m still doing that project. There’s a beer company. They’re European. They want me to send in my vaginal yeast.

Like basically like pap smear myself. They want to make beer using my vaginal yeast.

Vaginal yeast?


There’s nothing fouler than vaginal yeast (don’t google vaginal yeast, you’ve been warned).


Oh you vile, disgusting animal you!

You should be hanged in the public square for this kind of enterprise.


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