Bad Bunny Kissed A Guy On Stage At The VMAs – This Means He’s Officially Gay

Many years ago, when I saw Bad Bunny for the first time, what he looked like and how he acted, I said to myself: “this guy’s a homo”.

I had no doubt about it.

And I’ve been telling people ever since that he’s gay and there will come a time when I will be proven right; and when that time comes, I will laugh at all the naysayers while they hang their heads in shame.

They didn’t believe me; they savagely mocked me and called me a homophobe.

But I stuck to my belief nonetheless, patiently waiting in the shadows.

And then Bad Bunny kissed a guy on stage at the VMAs:

Oh, sweet feeling of vindication!

It truly is the best feeling in the world.

If you consider this man-kiss vile and you’re repulsed by it, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry. My intention was to simply present the evidence for the gay act – I swear I meant no harm.

The evidence is crystal clear.

If you’re a man who kisses another man on the lips, even if it’s just once, or even if you don’t mean it – you’re officially gay. There’s no way to spin it. You’re gay forever.

Bad Bunny is gay forever.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Gays are people too. They should be respected and not be discriminated against. Gay marriage is a whole nother issue though, I won’t get into it now (I’m still on the fence about it, to be completely honest). But as far as being gay goes – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, I am vindicated and everybody who didn’t believe me can suck a smelly fat cock now because I was right. Bad Bunny is gay. He was gay from the first time I laid eyes on him. I was right from the beginning.

Oh, sweet feeling of vindication!



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