Bill Burr’s Dumb Wife Flipped Off Donald Trump

Bill Burr’s uncultured spouse Nia Renée Hill was regrettably caught on camera flipping off Donald Trump at UFC 295.

The Trumpster entered the arena to a thunderous ovation and just as he was about to take a seat, Nia, who was sitting close by, flipped him off with both hands.

But don’t judge her too harshly for her gesture.

For you see, Nia is a stereotypical black woman: loud, fat, overbearing and stupid as fuck. She used to be a hoe in LA according to 4chan and now she’s Bill Burr’s wife, her greatest accomplishment in life.

She made it. But she can never be tamed.

So cut her some slack, OK? It’s her nature to behave like she did.


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