Bill Maher Got Exposed

Oh, this was glorious!

Bill Maher got exposed, son.

This pathetic scumbag couldn’t name a single thing that Gavin Newsom has done to be worthy of his praise.

You see, Bill Maher loves Gavin Newsom – he’s obviously a winner! He would win the election! A great politician! A smart guy! A smart, real guy with a pair of balls!

Gavin Newsom is neither of those things, evidently; he’s stupid, astoundingly incompetent, and acts like a homo.

But then, Patrick Bet-David, god bless him, asks Bill Maher the quintessential question that, as the great Thomas Sowell brilliantly pointed out, destroys almost every argument on the Left: “Based on what?”

Bill Maher crumbles.

He’s already defeated.

He tries to think of something – anything.

Surprisingly, he makes a good joke.

Patrick Bet-David laughs, but he doesn’t let him off the hook, retaliating with logic.

Bill Maher can’t process logic.

He gets nervous, belligerent; he desperately tries to shift the conversation.

He fails.

He hears a voice in his head: “Bill, you fucking retard, you’re a joke!”

He’s so lost.

The repulsive parasite is reduced to nonsense:

“You’re better than this.”

“It’s a silly argument.”

“I’ve been doing political commentary on television for 30 years, I think I can tell.”

And when his sentences fail, he mumbles meaningless words incoherently.

It’s over.

Oh, sweet, sweet victory!

Bill Maher has been exposed – yet again – as a fucking hack.

“It’s a character I play on television.”

Well, Bill, that’s one way of putting it.


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