Bubba Shot Himself In The Head

“Bubba” Copeland led a double life.

Bubba was the mayor of Smiths Station, Alabama, as well as pastor at the First Baptist Church in Phoenix City. Bubba was married and had 3 children.

On the internet, however, Bubba was a fat tranny called Brittini Blaire Summerlin who loved “smiling, clothes, and shoes!”

Bubba posted pictures of himself in his wife’s clothes, wrote tranny fiction erotica, and encouraged people to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

Then Bubba got exposed.

Bubba told 1819 News:

Just my wife knows about it. It’s a hobby I do to relieve stress. I have a lot of stress, and I’m not medically transitioning. It’s just a bit of a character I’m playing.

I don’t go out and seek solicitation or anything like that. It’s something that I don’t intermingle with the other. It’s private. I don’t do it in the public or anything like that. It’s just a fictional character I made up to relieve stress.

It’s just a hobby that I have inside my own home that has not traveled outside of my home. I have not done anything outside of my own home besides post or publish anything on the internet, and that does not affect anything with inside my jurisdiction.

What I do in private life has nothing to do with what I do in my holy life. Does this have any effect on me being mayor, that I sometimes put on a dress or sometimes put on makeup? Does that have anything to do whatsoever with me being mayor or being a pastor?

Not really.

But Bubba is dead now.

Bubba shot himself in the head following a slow pursuit by police who were called to conduct a welfare check.  

“He exited the vehicle, produced a handgun, and took his own life,” the sheriff’s office said.

Bubba was far from perfect, but in the end Bubba did the right thing.


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