Can’t Wait For GTA 6

GTA 6 looks amazing.

I can’t wait to play it whenever it will come out on PC, evidently, because I’m not a dirty peasant who revels in mediocrity.   

Vice City shall feel my wrath!

I’ll mod a Klan robe and the Nazi salute into the game and go on deranged killing sprees in every corner of the map, role-playing as a white supremacist supervillain called Mr. Butch, who is invincible and always above the law.  

Calm down, it’s just a fantasy.

That’s why we play GTA, really – to act out our sick fantasies in a sophisticated virtual world.

Don’t tell me you never clobbered a whore with a baseball bat or plowed through a group of pedestrians in a tank when you played GTA.

You’ve done it – and you’ve done worse.

But you can’t even begin to imagine what Mr. Butch is capable of.


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