Caroline Ellison’s Betrayal

Sam Bankman-Fried is finished.

His ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison turned against him and blamed him for the $8 billion FTX scam.

She squealed like a dirty rat in court:

I think like, FTX, like, basically, always allowed Alameda to, like, borrow user funds as far as I know.

He directed me to commit these crimes.


Sam must hate her with a passion. He once loved her unconditionally and she unconditionally loved him back – simultaneously loving other guys as well – and now this shit.

All those orgies together… dreadful memories now.

If I would have seen this bitch at an orgy I would have spat in her face and thrown her out a window – but not Sam Bankman-Fried!

Sam loved her; loved her even when she was being fucked by somebody else. He didn’t mind. He still loved her. That’s true love I say!

But sadly, their polyamorous tale has ended with betrayal. Reality is slowly creeping in: a possible life sentence if convicted.

Damn. Such a great tragicomedy.

I wonder how he will remember Caroline from a prison cell.

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