Xi Jinping Executed By The Communist Party Of China

According to the CIA and other intelligence services, Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, was removed from power by shadowy Communist Party officials on Saturday and put under house arrest.  


Cara Delevingne Has Hit Rock Bottom

I love out-of-control celebrities. I celebrate their downfall and eventual death. Seeing their lives falling apart due to drugs, alcohol, disease, or retardation, brings me so much joy, it really does. They make me feel so good about myself.


White Ariel Is Better Than Black Ariel

A black actress plays Ariel in Disney’s upcoming dumpster fire The Little Mermaid – that’s unacceptable. Hans Christian Andersen is rolling in his grave. Everybody knows that mermaids are white, there’s no question about it. A black mermaid makes no sense, whatsoever.