Diddy Is (Allegedly) Gay

As soon as I logged into X this morning I was bombarded with madness and incoherence and retardation; and I said to myself: “Holy shit! The negroes are at it again!”


R.I.P. Kagney

Famous pornstar Kagney Linn Karter took her own life at 36 after reportedly struggling with mental health for years.

It’s a sad story… and for me so surreal.


The DunKings Of Cringe

This is the most horrendous commercial I have ever seen and I hope everyone involved suffers an agonizing death after a sudden AIDS diagnosis, especially Matt Damon.


Diddy Paid Off His Beatings And Rapes

A mere day after singer Cassie accused him of repeated beatings and rapes in a disturbing lawsuit, Sean “Diddy” Combs settled out of court, so officially the beatings and rapes never happened.


Russell Brand: Guilty As Fuck

I was befuddled when YouTube recommended that I watch a Russell Brand stream yesterday. Why the fuck would they promote it? I don’t watch his content; I’m not subscribed to his dumb channel. The algorithm must have fucked up again!


Elliot Page Is The Gay Tupac

Elliot Page is a hero and an inspiration.

I’ve just finished reading her new memoir Pageboy and I am outraged – outraged I tell you! – about what happened to this poor woman last winter in Chicago.


Madonna Was Left For Dead

The night came.

Madonna guzzled a bottle of Jack, snorted 6 lines of coke, and ran naked through the streets of New York, bawling obscenities and clawing anyone who stood in her way.