Macron Is Not Tough

Bruh, I just saw Macron’s boxing pictures that were recently published by his official photographer on Instagram in kitschy black and white.

Stop trying to make him look tough for crying out loud – he’s not! It’s fucking embarrassing.


How To Live To Be 200

Twenty years ago I knew a man called Jiggins, who had the Health Habit.

He used to take a cold plunge every morning. He said it opened his pores. After it he took a hot sponge. He said it closed the pores. He got so that he could open and shut his pores at will.


The Advantages Of Having One Leg

A friend of mine who was visiting a poor woman in bereavement and casting about for some phrase of consolation that should not be either insolent or weak, said at last, “I think one can live through these great sorrows and even be the better. What wears one is the little worries.”


Keep Fit

Ford, the automobile man, stated in his testimony before the Industrial Commission that he gets more and better work out of men at eight hours a day than at ten.