Opium Smoking In China

Many writers on Chinese topics delight to dwell upon the slow but sure destruction of morals, manners, and men, which is being gradually effected throughout the Empire by the terrible agency of opium.


Dr. David Sinclair Has Been Exposed

Dr. David Sinclair is highly regarded in the longevity community. In reality, though, he’s a hack. And some of his peers also say that he’s corrupt.

Chinese Dentistry

Roaming in quest of novelty through that mine of marvels, a Chinese city, we were a witness the other day of a strange but not uncommon scene.


How To Live To Be 200

Twenty years ago I knew a man called Jiggins, who had the Health Habit.

He used to take a cold plunge every morning. He said it opened his pores. After it he took a hot sponge. He said it closed the pores. He got so that he could open and shut his pores at will.


The Art Of Happy Memory

The most significant step a mind takes is that wherein it realizes that it can control its own operation; when it learns that it can command those things in itself commonly considered automatic.


How To Avoid Throat Cancer

Future Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr. Daria Sadovskaya on TikTok:

Men are more likely to develop throat cancer performing oral sex on women, as women are more likely to carry the HPV virus in their genital area.

She’s right.