Elon Musk In Israel

Elon Musk flew to Israel, put on a bib, and toured a ravaged kibbutz with Benjamin Netanyahu, who later showed him a 6-hour compilation of Hamas decapitating Jewish babies.


Diddy Paid Off His Beatings And Rapes

A mere day after singer Cassie accused him of repeated beatings and rapes in a disturbing lawsuit, Sean “Diddy” Combs settled out of court so officially the beatings and rapes never happened.


Jeremy Corbyn Strikes Again!

God, I’m so glad Piers bullied the shit of this odious far-left extremist who speaks at anti-Semitic rallies and looks and acts like a coked-up pedophiliac grandpa.    


Gal Gadot Screened The Hamas Terror Attack

Relatively hot and famous Jew actress Gal Gadot organized a screening of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas on Israeli soil at the – I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news – Museum Of Tolerance in Los Angeles.


Matthew Perry Is Dead

Sad news folks, Matthew Perry is dead.

He reportedly drowned in a jacuzzi – but how the fuck do you drown in a jacuzzi?