RFK Jr. Ate A Dog. Or A Goat.

A photo of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. about to sink his crooked teeth into a barbecued dog next to some bitch has been recently unearthed.

It was actually a goat, he said – but who the fuck eats goats?


Diddy Is (Allegedly) Gay

As soon as I logged into X this morning I was bombarded with madness and incoherence and retardation; and I said to myself: “Holy shit! The negroes are at it again!”


R.I.P. Kagney

Famous pornstar Kagney Linn Karter took her own life at 36 after reportedly struggling with mental health for years.

It’s a sad story… and for me so surreal.


The King Has Ass Cancer

Buckingham Palace has announced that the King has been diagnosed with ass cancer:

During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of ass cancer.

Poor King.


$15,000 To Fuck Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre claimed that Prince Andrew fucked her 3 times between 1999 and 2002 – in London, New York, and on a private island owned by Jeffrey Epstein in the Caribbean.


Elon Musk In Israel

Elon Musk flew to Israel, put on a bib, and toured a ravaged kibbutz with Benjamin Netanyahu, who later showed him a 6-hour compilation of Hamas decapitating Jewish babies.


Jeremy Corbyn Strikes Again!

God, I’m so glad Piers bullied the shit of this odious far-left extremist who speaks at anti-Semitic rallies and looks and acts like a coked-up pedophiliac grandpa.    


Matthew Perry Is Dead

Sad news folks, Matthew Perry is dead.

He reportedly drowned in a jacuzzi – but how the fuck do you drown in a jacuzzi?