Boris Johnson Wanted A Million Dollars From Tucker Carlson

Boris Johnson nowadays languishes in obscurity, and most people remember him as a hideous ape rather than a former prime minister.

Requesting a million dollars for an interview suggests that he’s desperate and broke – or maybe he’s just retarded.

Mona Lisa Soup

Because nothing saves the planet quite like hurling soup at the Mona Lisa.   

And nothing makes me want to burn a forest quite like seeing a priceless masterpiece soiled by woke retards with a dream.

Fucking deadbeats.


Jeremy Corbyn Strikes Again!

God, I’m so glad Piers bullied the shit of this odious far-left extremist who speaks at anti-Semitic rallies and looks and acts like a coked-up pedophiliac grandpa.    


How To Avoid Throat Cancer

Future Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr. Daria Sadovskaya on TikTok:

Men are more likely to develop throat cancer performing oral sex on women, as women are more likely to carry the HPV virus in their genital area.

She’s right.


Amouranth’s Vaginal Yeast Beer

Amouranth is one of those scantily clad hussy streamers insanely popular with the simps. She has big tits and a torpid face. After watching 5 minutes of this bitch in a hot tub – as research for this post, of course – I can confidently say that she’s also dumb as an ox and just as interesting.