The Burden Of Humor

What is the origin of the prejudice against humor? Why is it so dangerous, if you would keep the public confidence, to make the public laugh?


Held In Bondage

“A young man married is a man that’s marred.” That’s a golden rule, Arthur; take it to heart.


Fuck Sam Altman

Enough of this guy already!

I don’t give a flying fuck that Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI.


Subconscious Fears

A young man writes me that he is afraid of thunderstorms, and asks if there is no way for him to overcome this weakness. “I am normal in every other respect,” he adds, “but notwithstanding my endeavors to fight off this nervousness I find it to be of no avail; it appears to be a sort of subconscious fear.”


The Position Of Women

It is, perhaps, tolerably safe to say that the position of women among the Chinese is very generally misunderstood.


The Mind Of The Slave

One of the forgotten divisions between men and men is that separating those who enjoy the work they have to do in the world and those who suffer it only as a necessary evil.


Palestine And The Jews

One could not read without a thrill the news of the recent advance of the British army in Palestine. The Holy Land thus is gradually passing under the control of the Allies, and its destiny is growing of particular moment to everybody interested in the outcome of the War. To the Jew, however, this becomes a particular occasion for a consideration of the relation of Palestine to the Jews.



All of the Great Thinkers of the world, East, West, North and South, have been alarming their customers, for two or three years past, with the same bugaboo.


Mia Khalifa’s Moronic Tweet

Mia Khalifa. She used to get fucked by giant black cocks on camera. Now she’s spewing dumb shit on Twitter.  

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a progress.

Frederick Starr On The Negroes

We have already spoken of the district of true negroes. In the Sudan they are at their best and purest type. The skin is almost black; the head long and narrow; the face narrow; the hair kinky and woolly. The lower part of the face projects far beyond the upper part. The lips are thick. Negroes have an odor which is peculiar to them, and which most white persons dislike. Many of the negro tribes are composed of persons who are tall, strong, and well built.


Mencken On Alcohol

Envy, as I have said, is at the heart of the messianic delusion, the mania to convert the happy sinner into a “good” man, and so make him miserable. And at the heart of that envy is fear—the fear to sin, to take a chance, to monkey with the buzzsaw.


The Character Of A Small Poet

The Small Poet is one that would fain make himself that which nature never meant him; like a fanatic that inspires himself with his own whimsies. He sets up haberdasher of small poetry, with a very small stock and no credit.