Did Michael Bisping Say Something Homophobic?

The putrid New York Post reports:

Former UFC fighter Michael Bisping was caught on a hot mic making a homophobic remark at UFC 298.

But you can’t trust the New York Post, or the mainstream media in general – they suck dick.

Luckily, I am a professional homophobe with over 20 years of gay-bashing experience under my belt, so you can trust me. I shall analyze this case and issue a just and conclusive verdict.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Here’s what Michael Bisping actually said, in context:

What a guy, what a night, UFC 298, Anaheim California, certainly won the box.


What a guy? That’s fucking gay. Bye bye.

Verdict: not guily.

The New York Post lied about Michael Bisping; he didn’t say anything remotely homophobic. He wasn’t even referring to a person – he was referring to his own previous remark, “What a guy”, which, he had perceived, correctly, as “fucking gay”.

Case closed.

Michael Bisping is not homophobic, but that didn’t stop the faggots at the New York Post to publish a false story about him for clickbait profit.


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