Did Sam Altman Molest His Sister?

There is much talk about Sam Altman these days, but not a word about his sister Annie Altman who accuses him of physical abuse and molestation.

Isn’t it weird?

This bitch is batshit woke and has an OnlyFans account but never mind that.

Let’s see what she said.

On X recently:

I experienced sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial, and technological abuse from my biological siblings, mostly Sam Altman and some from Jack Altman.

Some other tweets:

I’m not four years old with a 13 year old “brother” climbing into my bed non-consensually anymore.

(You’re welcome for helping you figure out your sexuality.)

I’ve finally accepted that you’ve always been and always will be more scared of me than I’ve been of you.


Aww you’re nervous I’m defending myself? Refusing to die with your secrets, refusing to allow you to harm more people?

If only there was little sister with a bed you could uninvited crawl in, or sick 20-something sister you could withhold your dead dad’s money from, to cope.


Thank you for the love and for calling I spade a spade. I experienced every single form of abuse with him – sexual, physical, verbal, psychology, pharmacological (forced Zoloft, also later told I’d receive money only if I went back on it), and technological (shadowbanning)

Not good.

Check out this TikTok:

I can’t help noticing that she looks like Jew.

So the obvious question is: Would you bang?

(Me? I would to tell you the truth.)

But get this: ChatGPT is actively censoring the story.

Yeah – really.

From X user @NFT_GOD:

But here’s the scary part:

I’m asking ChatGPT questions about his sister, who is now making allegations against him, and GPT is actively censoring

It won’t let me share out the chat at all.

Why is ChatGPT not allowing me to share this chat?

I had to ask GPT several times to get info on the accusations, then when I finally got it, I couldn’t export the information

This is scary for many reasons:

• People working on ChatGPT can actively censor information

• Other stories Sam might not like could be censored as well

• The most powerful technology in the world is singularly controlled by a small amount of people

This is blatant evidence of big tech censorship and probably the reason Sam was fired.

I can confirm the censorship part.  

And this censorship is rather interesting.

And so far Sam Altman has not outright denied his sister allegations like he should have.

And the media is silent.

And all of this is very telling, wouldn’t you agree?


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