Diddy Is (Allegedly) Gay

As soon as I logged into X this morning I was bombarded with madness and incoherence and retardation; and I said to myself: “Holy shit! The negroes are at it again!”

I immediately knew that something big and extremely convoluted had happened – and it most certainly included copious amounts of gay shit.

Boy was I right.

Allegedly Diddy fucked Meek Mill and Usher and whoever the fuck Stevie J. is, and there’s a guy who sued Diddy for $30 million because Diddy touched his dick and anus, and this guy woke up after a party dizzy and naked in bed next to Diddy and 2 whores, so he thinks he was raped, and somehow Cuba Gooding Jr. is involved, and Chris Brown is a pedophile, and something about drugs, and… the whole thing is nuts.

But all of it comes from that guy’s lawsuit, I don’t know if it’s true.

The gay thing, though, I do believe.

I mean, come on, the guy is not alleging anything far-fetched. Diddy dresses like a fag, gets all touchy-feely with men, and there are rumors about him being gay circulating since the first slave ships touched the shores of Africa.

I say he’s gay.


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