Elliot Page Is The Gay Tupac

Elliot Page is a hero and an inspiration.

I’ve just finished reading her new memoir Pageboy and I am outraged – outraged I tell you! – about what happened to this poor woman last winter in Chicago.

Oh, it was appalling.

Elliot was on her way to Subway to buy a tasty sandwich in the middle of the night when two masked white men wearing MAGA hats jumped from the shadows and started verbally abusing her:

— Faggot Empire nigger! 

— This is MAGA country nigger!

Then they savagely punched her and kicked her and tied a rope around her neck and poured bleach all over her body. It all happened so fast.

But she fought back. She fought back hard.

She rose from ground and fearlessly fought off those vile, racist homophobes who were clearly Donald Trump supporters.

And all that she wants now… all that she wants is a little gay boy who might read about this story to know that she fought back. That’s all she wants.

She’s so stunning and brave. She’s the gay Tupac.


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