Elon Musk Visits Auschwitz, Finds No Evidence Of Gas Chambers

Elon Musk went to Auschwitz yesterday as part of his worldwide I’m-not-an-anti-Semite apology tour.

The tech billionaire burned a cross and laid a wreath at the wall of death, then toured the complex with his son Techno Mechanicus, a creepy rabbi, an alleged Holocaust survivor, and infamous Jew propagandist Ben Shapiro.

But as soon as Musk stepped into a gas chamber to take a selfie, he was startled.

He could not believe his eyes.

He bawled at his companions: “This is not a damn gas chamber – this is a regular chamber!”




The Jews immediately scattered.

Ben Shapiro disappeared into a manhole and the rest of the pack fled to the fields.

And while all of this was happening, 2,641 innocent civilians were murdered by Jews in Gaza.


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