From The River To The Sea

Palestine will… not be free.

Israel will destroy Hamas once and for all – kill all their members – bomb everything in sight – total war – no ceasefire, no mercy, no peace – fuck Gaza – fuck America – fuck the UN – fuck the two-state solution – shut down the internet – preach Kabbalah – elect a mighty king to rule with an iron fist – create an invincible Jew empire ready to invade and annihilate the neighboring countries if they so much as raise a finger – more Jews – more guns – more chopped off foreskins – bring back slavery – outlaw Islam – burn down the mosques – nail every anti-Jew man, woman, and child to a cross like they did with Jesus – and you and your dumb liberal friends can’t do shit about it but bitch and moan on the internet like spastic fags.

How about this scenario instead?


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