Fuck Boeing

It has come to my attention that Boeing is now rewarding its executives if they hit climate and DEI targets, so I’ll never fly in a Boeing again.

According to a SEC filing:

Our 2022 annual incentive plan will continue to be based on Company financial and operational performance, business unit financial performance and individual performance, but with an increased focus on operational goals. While our 2021 design incorporated operational performance in the areas of product safety, employee safety and quality, for 2022 we will add two other focus areas critical to our long-range business plan: climate and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&l).

This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

If there’s any company that should unapologetically repudiate this woke horseshit, it is an aerospace manufacturing company.

So fuck Boeing.

Whenever I board a plane, I make sure that I see who the pilot is; and if the pilot is black or a woman, I bail.

If they won’t let me out I’ll punch a stewardess square in the face, flash my cock at the passengers, shout at the top of my lungs that I have a bomb – anything to avoid the strong likelihood of a violent death.

And from now on, whenever I’ll board a plane, I’ll also make sure that it’s not a Boeing.


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