Fuck Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I got triggered hard yesterday by Red Indians who were overzealously celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Twitter and went on a formidable racist rant against them.

I lost my cool.

These losers were celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day like… um… wild Indians.

The OG ones; the ones from the Wild West. Scalps and feathers.


Savages in the true meaning of the word.

They were brutal killers of men, women, and children – their own men, women, and children. Babies too. They were torturers, rapists, and cannibals. They were riddled with diseases like chickenpox, diabetes, tuberculosis, explosive diarrhea, chlamydia and AIDS. They were astonishingly retarded. They didn’t invent anything; they didn’t build anything. They couldn’t count. They had no alphabet. Their language consisted of exactly 9 words. They thought that the sun was a big bird in the sky. They couldn’t sing so they growled like apes. Zero accomplishments. No curiosity, no ambition, no passion for anything. They were not proficient with bows and arrows – that’s a myth. They fucking sucked. The Europeans introduced them to fire, then shot them on sight. They lived in tents and trees. They shat all over the place and didn’t wipe. They didn’t even bathe.  

Celebrate what?

There’s nothing to celebrate.


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