Fuck Olaf Scholz

Once upon a time the Germans started World War 2 and exterminated 6 million Jews.

Nowadays they pussy out and, metaphorically speaking, suck Jewish dick.

Oh, what a fate!

Get a load of this scumbag:


They are asking that they do so.

The chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz has spoken!

The Nazis are asking the Jews to abide by international law when they bomb the shit out of Gaza and indiscriminately murder innocent men, women, and children by the boatload.

How sweet.

Except they don’t.

The Israelis are not abiding by international law, or any other law for that matter, in this appalling genocide – they are literary razing Gaza to the ground and don’t give a flying fuck about it. Google ‘Gaza before/after images’ or log into your favorite social media account to see the live carnage. The evidence is harrowing, irrefutable and overwhelming.

So what the fuck are you talking about? you disgusting son of bitch.


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