Gavin Newsom Cleans Up San Francisco

San Francisco will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit this week so Gavin Newsom ordered his petty minions to clean up the place.

And they did.

They’ve removed all the shit and piss and cum and blood and crack and vomit and bullets and used needles and stray cats and dogs and wolves and dead whores and bums and Mexicans from the streets in record time.

The Gay Mecca is squeaky-clean now.

Stupid said this:

Anytime you put on an event — by definition — you know, you have people over at your house, you’re gonna clean up the house.

21 world leaders, you got tens of thousands of people coming from all around the globe, what an opportunity to showcase the world’s most extraordinary place: San Francisco.

There’s nothing extraordinary about San Francisco but he has a point.

Big shots like Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will be attending the summit – the city needs to shine.

Imagine if Xi Jinping goes downtown to get, say, a turkey sandwich, and all of a sudden a homeless black guy with no pants jumps from a dumpster and starts furiously beating off in front of him.

That would leave a bad impression.

You have to leave a good impression.

That’s why the filth has been scrubbed from San Francisco.


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