God’s Whisper

“Anybody might have heard it, but God’s whisper came to me,” says the poet.

God always whispers. At least to the soul. He may thunder to nations and speak to armies in the lightning. But to the individual His message is not in the mighty wind, nor the earthquake, nor the fire, but in the still, small voice.

God lives in the bottom of the funnel of silence.

He is the treasure concealed in solitude. He meets men alone, in the dark.

Congregations have their use, and books, and papers, and multitudes, and friends, but God loves the silent way.

He is every soul’s most secret secret.

If, as Thoreau said, it takes two to tell the truth, it takes also two to make a revelation; it takes the whisper of God and the listening man.

God’s whisper runs to and fro upon the earth. It might be heard in all cottages, palaces, marts, offices, inns, and councils — if only we listened.

Go into the silence. Give your soul time to calm. Let the hurly-burly die down, the crash of passion, the struggle of doubt, the pain of failure, the ranklings of wrong, the clamor of ambition. Cease from self. Be still.

Practise this. It is an art, and not to be mastered out of hand. Try it again and again, as patiently, as determinedly, as lovingly as one practises the violin or the making of a statute.

And after a while, as virtuosity comes after long trials, there will come to life in you the needed sixth sense, by which you can hear the whisper.

Some day you will get it. It may rise like a strange dawn in your consciousness. It may stir in you as life stirs in the egg. It may penetrate the deep chambers of your being as a strain of mystic music.

And it will be the prize of life. You will not be able to give it to another. Every man must receive such things himself. All of God’s most vital secrets are marked non-transferable.

But it will be yours — that which in all your life is most utterly yours.

It will strengthen you in weakness, cheer you in hours of gloom. When you are at sea and confused, lost in the winds of casuistry, it will shine out as a pole-star. When you are afraid, it will reinforce you as an army with banners.

It will lull you to sleep with its music. It will give you poise. It will give you decision.

No man can tell what the whisper says. Each soul must hear for itself.

This is a great secret. One can only point the way — the way is silence.

There stands God and says : “I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith.”


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