Greta Thunberg Was Arrested In London

Climate-God Greta Thunberg flew on a private jet to London and joined hundreds of her disciples in a staged protest outside the wicked InterContinental hotel.

When all the cameras were ready to roll, she gave a solemn speech:

Behind these closed doors at the oil and money conference, spineless politicians are making deals and compromises with lobbyists from destructive industries, the fossil fuel industry. People all over the world are suffering and dying from the consequences of the climate crisis caused by these industries who we allow to meet with our politicians and have privileged access to. The elites of the oil and money conference, they have no intention of transition. Their plan is to continue this destructive search for profits. That is why we have to take direct action to stop this and to kick oil money out of politics. We have no other option but to put our bodies outside this conference and to physically disrupt it.

The cops showed up in perfect timing, exactly as planned, cameras still rolling.

She smirked her devilish smirk and she knew that it was her best one yet, so she rejoiced.  

But the British had enough of her horseshit.

Greta was immediately detained and taken to an undisclosed location where she was interrogated for 3 hours, then beaten with a copper pipe.

At 6 AM this morning she was deported back to Sweden in a cage.


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