Halloween Blackface

If I were living in America I would dress up as a minstrel from the 19th century for Halloween, blackface and all.

It’s completely acceptable for this specific holiday. You can wear any costume; you can be any character you want. A minstrel in blackface would be my choice because there wouldn’t be anyone else dressed like that in the whole country, I would be unique.

So on the last night of October I would cover my face with black makeup and put on a tux, a top hat, white gloves and sparkly tap shoes, then go out trick-or-treating, even though I’m 38.

Should anyone black open the door I would sputter “Trick or treat nigga!” and stare awkwardly.

If they won’t give me my candy – or the candy sucks – there’s going to be a problem. I can be quite violent when I’m disrespected like that.

Under these unfortunate circumstances I would have to whoop some black ass, steal the candy, and fade into the darkness of the night like a ghoul.


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