Humza Yousaf Quits

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s first – and hopefully last – Muslim leader has officially resigned because he’s an embarrassment and a disgrace.

Stupid said this:

After spending the weekend reflecting on what is best for my party, for the government and for the country I lead, I’ve concluded that repairing our relationship across the political divide can only be done with someone else at the helm.

Good riddance, scumbag!

God I hate this guy.

I hate him because he tried to prosecute people for hate speech, which by his definition includes free speech – and basically any speech that he opposes – and because he’s really an extremist at heart.

And he really, really, hates white people:

Scotland is 96% white, by the way, so it’s not that weird.

A hundred years ago, this cretin would have been tarred, feathered, flogged, and finally burned at a stake for saying shit like that, but today Scotland is a different country.

It’s still a shit country: 77,901 square km of land, atrocious weather, atrocious food, atrocious dialect, an inexistent Loch Ness monster, and 5,436,600 people, most of them violent alcoholics.

But nowadays the Scots don’t give a fuck about politics – ergo Humza Yousaf in charge.

Thank god he’s gone.

It’s unacceptable for a non-white to be leading such a white country.

What happens next?

Well, according to the law, Humza Yousaf will be immediately stripped of all his credentials, his bank accounts will be frozen, his goods and properties will be confiscated, and the King will personally whip him for 3 days in the dungeon beneath Buckingham Palace for being a complete failure.


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