I Have Deciphered The Ritual

I have deciphered the ritual needed to open a portal to Mankar’s Paradise. According to the Mysterium Xarxes, the ritual requires 4 items: salt, nirnroot, the blood of a Daedroth Lord and a toenail from a dead negro.

We have plenty of salt and nirnroot in the basement of the castle, and there is an old Daedroth Lord chained to a wall in my chamber, but we have no negores. The King hanged them all last summer after they stole our barley.

You will find hordes of negroes on the outskirts of Bruma, roaming aimlessly on Moonsugar – but be wary my friend, they can be vicious and cruel.

Travel there at once, kill one of them and bring me his toenail. The negro has to be dead before you carve his toenail, otherwise the ritual will not work. Make sure he is dead.

This ritual is the only way to access Mankar’s Paradise and retrieve the Amulet Of Kings. You must not fail.


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