I Have Met The Man Who Terrifies Jeff Bezos

Wow. I didn’t expect to see this guy when I clicked the link “Meet the Man who TERRIFIES Jeff Bezos”.

Appearances can be deceiving. This guy is not a rapper, nor a gang member; his name is Christian Smalls (no relation to Biggie Smalls) and he’s the President of the Amazon Labor Union.

Oh yeah, Jeff Bezos is terrified alright. He’s shaking in his Prada boots.

The mere thought of Christian Smalls sends shivers down his bald dome and balls, and then he curls up in the fetal potion and cries like a bitch, such is the terror of Jeff Bezos.

Christian Smalls better grip up.

When you’re terrifying the third-wealthiest man in the world something bad is bound to happen to you is all I’m saying. This kind of man doesn’t like living in terror.


When contacted to comment on the Amazon Labor Union President, Jeff Bezos said “I don’t know this dumb nigger” and hung up.

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