I Have Seen You Wielding The Dagger Of Discipline

I have seen you wielding the Dagger of Discipline, stranger. It is a powerful weapon, one of a kind, forged by the Elder Necromancers in the dungeon beneath the Ayleid ruins of Elenglynn.

Its blade glows red when sodomites are nearby; and when a sodomite falls by the Dagger of Discipline, his loved ones fall as well, their souls forever cursed in the afterlife. Such was the bane of the Elder Necromancers.

The Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon slayed many sodomites with the blessed instrument of comeuppance during the First Age, and almost rid Cyrodiil of the filth, but he was vanquished in the great battle against the Knights of the White Stallion, and no one has seen it since.

But now it is in your possession, stranger, and I tell you this: hand it to me willingly or I shall take it from your corpse!


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