I Won’t Ask What You Went Through To Obtain This

I won’t ask what you went through to obtain this, my friend. I know all too well the depravity of the Princes of Oblivion.

They tortured and raped my children to death when they invaded Cyrodiil last spring. I hid them in the basement of the Great Chapel of Talos and fled to Bravil. I thought they would be safe there.

They were not.

The Princes of Oblivion found them and…

All sixteen of them.

They have enormous cocks, these evil demons. I have seen one with my own eyes many years ago. It was like the leg of an ogre: black and hairy and blistered.

My poor children!

I loved my sons and daughters, Hero of Kvatch. But I could not take them with me. The road was long and perilous; and there were too many mouths to feed along the way.

You must understand.

So, are you ready to give me the artifact?


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