I’m Sick And Tired Of Meghan Markle

I’m sick and tired of Meghan Markle.

This bitch gets almost as much press coverage as the dead Queen and the new King at the moment – and it’s driving me nuts. It’s preposterous. Enough already! She’s just a goofy broad who happens to be Harry’s wife. She shouldn’t matter. Both of these idiots shouldn’t matter. 

And by the way, didn’t they quit or something? They dishonored the royal family and moved to California to cash in on their royal fame… and we all know who’s the mastermind behind this.

Harry is Meghan’s bitch – there, I said it – and he does whatever his wife tells him. The ardent love he has for her is proof that he’s a sissy. I mean, this is a guy who was born into extreme privilege and riches and everybody around him sucked his dick because he’s like the fifth in line of succession to the British throne. He’s a weirdo with zero social skills who married the first big love of his life – Meghan Markle. This pussy-whipped deadbeat couldn’t last a day in the real world by himself. Meghan owns his royal ass.

Both of them suck. I don’t get the media’s fascination with these losers. Is it because of the fake racism thing? The controversy surrounding Meghan’s racism accusations was what prompted me to hate her guts in the first place. If you recall, the media exploded when she accused the royals of racism toward her unborn child without any shred of evidence. The “racist royal family” story sold like crazy but died down as her popularity plummeted. And it seemed for a while that she had been finally relegated to what she really is: a D-list celebrity.  

But now she’s everywhere again because the Queen died. Enough!

And she’s so annoying… God this bitch is annoying. Every time she opens her trap she’s annoying. I really, really hate Meghan Markle. I hope something bad happens to her.

I hope Charles III slaps the shit out of her on national television to teach her some royal manners. He can do that. He’s the king, he can do whatever he wants. He can hang this bitch in the middle of Trafalgar Square and let people throw rocks at her corpse if he so desires.

God I hate this bitch.



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