Jacob Rothschild Is Dead

Alas, Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, is dead.

According to my buddy Mickey, he was a pedophile rapist who worshiped Satan and stole money from the poor and controlled the world through blackmail and black magic because he was pure evil and his lineage can be traced back to the Jews who killed Christ.

But according to more reliable sources, he was just a wealthy, hideous creep.

Either way – good riddance, scumbag!

My heart fills with joy whenever a Rothschild drops dead.


I have a feeling that this guy won’t be missed. A man like this invariably breeds obnoxious children who become paranoid drug addicts during adolescence and seek to destroy mankind.

They hate him. They are celebrating his death right now.

Jacob Rothschild, I assure you, has never experienced love.


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