Jeremy Corbyn Strikes Again!

God, I’m so glad Piers bullied the shit of this odious far-left extremist who speaks at anti-Semitic rallies and looks and acts like a coked-up pedophiliac grandpa.    

For the love of god, man, answer the fucking questions with “yes” or “no” and call it a day!

Piers repeatedly asked this scumbag if Hamas is a terrorist group and if they should remain in power without getting straightforward answers.

For all you retards out there: yes, Hamas is a terrorist organization. Arguing otherwise is like arguing that the sky isn’t blue or that Freddie Mercury didn’t die from AIDS.

But let’s get back to stupid.

I have to remind you that so far Jeremy Corbyn has not explicitly condemned Hamas itself.

It’s a crucial point.

Consider this exchange:

Piers: “Previous guest says you haven’t condemned what Hamas did on October the 7th. Have you?”

Jeremy: “Of course I have, on every speech…”

Piers: “And you have unreservedly condemned?”

Jeremy: “At every speech I’ve made I utterly condemned the killing of October the 7th, and it was the talking of innocent life, it was totally wrong under any circumstances.”


Nice to know that the former leader of the Labor Party condemns the killings perpetrated by these savages.

But it’s kinda weird that he didn’t mention Hamas in his response, isn’t it?

He should have.

He condemns the killings, yes, but he won’t condemn Hamas itself.

For example, when a reporter recently stuck a microphone in his dumb face and asked him bluntly “do you condemn Hamas?” ol’ Jeremy became belligerent and ultimately… he did not condemn Hamas.

Here’s how you correctly answer this question: “Yes, I do. I condemn Hamas.”

Simple and clear and everyone is happy.

But if you don’t answer it akin to this, then there’s room for interpretation.

So here’s my interpretation: Jeremy Corbyn is a vile anti-Semitic cocksucker who likes Hamas and therefore supports terrorism against Jews.

That’s my interpretation.

Admittedly, I might be wrong, sure; but since his statements aren’t perspicuous I have no choice but to read between the lines.


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