Judge Joseph Roark Let A Pedophile Off The Hook

Meet Judge Joseph Roark.

He is a “family man”.

He is “Fair. Dedicated. Prepared.”

He is “a strong believer in conservative values and common sense justice!”

As a lawyer, he “Protected victims of domestic violence and child abuse, often for FREE!”

And as a judge, he will always “Protect victims and their families by making sure victims’ rights are NEVER compromised.”

That’s weird, because this disgusting scumbag recently withheld prison time from a tranny who molested a baby.

Yeah, you read that right.

Via Reduxx:

According to witness testimony, a co-worker had asked Childers for assistance in changing an infant’s diaper. While Childers was cleaning the baby’s genitals, the co-worker noticed that the infant appeared to be in distress and asked Childers if he was hurting the baby. She then witnessed Childers rub the infant’s genitals in a “circular motion,” while saying “that was her clit area and she likes it. It just made her day.”


I’ll say this till the day I die: these freaks should never be allowed around children.



On January 29, 2024, Childers struck an apparent deal with prosecutors. In exchange for a guilty plea, his charge of 1st Degree Sexual Abuse of a Victim Under 12 was amended to Class A Misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct, and the remaining abuse charges were dropped.

Judge Joseph Roark handed Childers a 12-month penalty, but withheld sentencing and imposed a conditional discharge for 6 months.

Fucking scumbag.

I hope he dies in a fire.

Would a tranny walk free if he molested Judge Joseph Roark’s kid?

Of course not.

He would get the maximum – and then some.  

For you see, in America, sadly, there’s always a double standard; and the sheep are too weak, too stupid, to do anything about it.


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