3,000 Books A Year

Katt Williams the type a nigga that read over 3,000 books a year.

He explained to Joe Rogan:

Everything in life is about the environment… it was grown in a petri dish, right? So if I told you that from the time I was 8 to the time I was 12, um, I never celebrated any birthdays, I never went to a birthday party, I never had a Thanksgiving, a Christmas, I never trick-or-treaded, I wasn’t allowed to watch movies, and I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, um, all I could do is read, if I told you that then you will understand that for 8 hours a day, I got 8 hours, and I can read, and I loved to read, and so I’m reading books that are 200 and 50, 200 pages, and it takes me about an hour to read one, so yeah, I’m reading 8 a day.

You would think reading thousands of books in your childhood would make you a genius in adulthood, but this nigga is dumb as shit and wears a huge chain bound to a ship wheel around his neck.

Plus, he can barely speak English – did he read in fucking Chinese?

No. He didn’t.

He didn’t read anything, evidently, because, he is what he is, and, as a living legend once gloriously remarked, “Niggas don’t read”.


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