Kid Strangled 9 Rabbits And 2 Guinea Pigs At Petting Zoo

Oh boy.

The Daily Mail reports:

A primary school pupil went on an animal killing spree at a Dutch petting zoo last week as the horrified manager claims the young boy ‘showed no emotion after the act’.

The nine-year-old carried out the violent massacre in Hoek van Holland, a town in the Netherlands, where he killed up to nine rabbits and two guinea pigs, according to local reports.

The boy had allegedly visited the petting zoo on multiple occasions under supervision but this time he had made the journey alone.

I hate to say it, but this kid must be eliminated.

This kid might become Dexter, Rasputin, Jack the Ripper, the Joker and the BTK killer all in one in adulthood – or worse.

He might be the Antichrist prophesized in the Bible; the scary one, the one who will prevent the Second Coming.

We can’t take this risk.

He must die.

Yes, he’s just a kid – but he’s just a kid at the moment.

He will grow up.

He will become unstoppable, if he’s really the Antichrist, and kill us all. Not just us humans – animals, plants – everything! He will obliterate every life form on this planet! Then he’ll destroy the planet!

Jesus said it’s OK.

We can kill him with a drone.  


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