Maddox Exposes Dick

If you’re an internet drama whore like I am, you’re probably familiar with the raging war between Maddox and Dick Masterson, and you probably picked a side that you’ll blindly defend to the death.

Me, I like both of them.

I enjoy seeing them fight, and I enjoy seeing their fans fight, which is all the time.

And mere hours ago – out of the fucking blue – Maddox dropped a bombshell video exposing his archenemy that is, dare I say it, pretty fucking convincing.

He certainly got all the receipts, and he masterfully brought to light new elucidative information in classic Maddox style, albeit the nigger thing is weak and gay.   

A great battle has been won, yes, but this war is far from over.

Good luck, Dick.

You’re going to need it.


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Thanks, champ.

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