Mark Zuckerberg Got Played By The FBI

The infamous Hunter Biden laptop story could have helped Donald Trump win a second presidential term had it not been suppressed by Big Tech and the liberal media.

But Mark Zuckerberg casually admitted that Facebook censored the story after being warned by the FBI, a “legitimate institution”, “a very professional law enforcement”:

It’s no big deal.

Twitter didn’t even allow the story to be shared, but Facebook did.

Not too much, though; “ranking and newsfeed was a little bit less” by a “meaningful” percentage.

Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation, however, highlights something else, something much more insidious and troubling: this fucking idiot got played by the FBI.

Tucker Carlson pointed out:

While speaking to Rogan, he admitted that Facebook censored the New York Post’s accurate reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which of course we all knew, but Facebook did that because the FBI intervened and told Facebook that that laptop was Russian disinformation. And of course, how would Zuckerberg know? They believed the FBI. Now keep in mind, the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop when they said that. They’ve had it since 2019. So when the FBI told Facebook that, on the eve of the presidential election, they knew it was a lie. They interfered in the last presidential election; if ever there was an attack on democracy, it’s the country’s largest law enforcement agency, weighing in in a dishonest way, 2 weeks before the voting begins.

You can’t cuck the Tuck, so watch the whole clip:

Here’s what I think happened.

The FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop since 2019 and knew that everything in it will be eventually made public: shading business dealings with foreign countries, pictures of him fucking whores, smoking crack, and a lot of other shit that can hurt his father’s presidential campaign. So they went to Mark Zuckerberg and duped him into believing that the laptop story, the big dump that’s about to happen, is Russian disinformation. They provided a credible (but deceptive) reason to censor the biggest story in the world when it mattered the most – and he did.

There’s no doubt that the FBI interfered in the last election, but you know who else did?

The Zucc himself.

This scumbag spent $419 MILLION to help the Democrats sway the 2020 election; $419 million worth of interfering!

And he got played by the “very professional law enforcement” into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story – a legitimate story that, if not censored, could have made Donald Trump president instead of Joe Biden.



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