Mehdi Hasan Has Been Canceled

When you’re unapologetically lambasting Jews in the mainstream media, it’s only a matter of time before your ass gets canceled.

And nobody unapologetically lambasted Jews in the mainstream media quite like Mehdi Hasan, who hates them more than David Duke hates black people, and is a 100 times more pugnacious.

Hasan, who in the past compared non-Muslims to cattle and homosexuals to pedophiles, lost his main gig at MSNBC I’m thrilled to report.

He’s out.

The far-left propaganda network pulled the plug on his weekend show citing dismal ratings and garbage content, but we all know these are not the real reasons.

For once, I support the cancelation because I fucking hate his guts. This scumbag deserves whatever happens to him.

Anyway – cheers!  

In the immortal words of the great Donald Trump, “YOU’RE FIRED NIGGA!”


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