Mine Own Will Come To Me

I like to repeat this magic formula over and over.

It is not provable. The deepest truths of life never are.

The creeds of the world, that have led men up out of barbarism into civilization, out of war into law, out of lust into love, are all inherently dubitable.

We do not reach those sublime conclusions that transform our lives by building Babel Towers with bricks of Logic, for the end of all such work is confusion of tongues. We fly to them by the airplanes of Faith.

We believe them. We do not know them. And the best things of existence are believed, not known.

We believe them because we are drawn to them, because something in them appeals to something in us.

We believe them for much the same kind of reason that impels us to love one woman.

The most usable and persuasive wisdom has never been included in the encyclopedias. It is felt by simple hearts, as sunshine is felt. It comes to us by affinities and repulsions as mysterious, yet as potent and undeniable, as electricity.

So mine own will come to me.

Unhasting, my reward approaches.

Behind the mists of Tomorrow stands my Throne, made ready.

My place is prepared for me. In due time I shall occupy it, and all the world consent.

Destiny makes no mistakes, it is not blinded by fear or favor. Every man shall receive his penny. And I mine.

The Great Shepherd never loses a sheep. I shall not want.

In my closet will always be clothes enough, in my pantry food enough, in my bank money enough, in my acquaintance friends enough, to last me my time, as long as I am needed in this world.

I shall not worry. Mine own will come to me.

I shall not strain nor chafe. I shall not drop into the weakness of petulance. I shall not allow the silly fevers of premonition. I shall not poison my strength by doubt. Why should I, when mine own will surely come to me?

Mine own will doubtless not be what I fancy. What it will be is no business of mine. All time I spend in speculating on what it may be is wasted and breeds disappointment.

Mine is the simpler task, just to do my work, to find the great cosmic laws and heed them, to love, and to be happy.

For mine own will come to me.

It is on its way. It is stepping surely down from the Future, and one day will open the door of the Present and come in.

And I shall be satisfied.


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