My Nazi Spider-Man Game

I belong to the PC Master Race so I never play what the peasants play on consoles.

Today I wanted to check out Spider-Man Remastered because it came out on PC and I’ve heard great things about the PC version, which is the best version.

I don’t play stock though, so I went online to find the best mods; to enhance the PC experience, which is the best experience.

But excitement quickly turned into rage as I stumbled upon a recent story about a mod that replaced all Pride flags in the game with plain American flags.

The media went berserk, evidently; and Nexus Mods not only removed the mod but also banned the guy who made it.

Fucking cocksuckers.

Was that really necessary? I’m mean, it’s just a mod for crying out loud. At the very least give the guy a warning, don’t just ban him.

Enough with the fucking bannings! 

Pride flags are not sacrilegious you fucking retards.

You can spit on and burn the American flag but God forbid you do anything to a Pride flag… even in a fucking video game.

Jesus Christ we are truly living in a clown world.

I wish I had the technical skills to make mods. After this story, I’d mod the shit out of Spider-Man.

I’d replace all Pride flags with Nazi flags, paint hate symbols everywhere, and make Miles Morales white. Come to think of it, I’d make everyone white – no more blacks and Asians! Fuck them. They’re worthless and they bug me.

There would be plenty of gays and trannies though, and Spider-Man can beat them up whenever he feels like it. A bunch of missions would be focused exactly on that. If the player refuses, all sodomites will automatically be set on fire to the tune of “New York, New York”.

Hey, I’m just telling you how I would mod the game if I had the necessary skills, don’t be a bitch about it. I’m pissed off and it’s my fantasy, so fuck off.

Let’s see, what else?

Cool Spider-Man suits: Schutzstaffel uniforms, KKK robes, stuff like that. Imagine swinging through the city in a white clan robe – don’t tell me you wouldn’t do that, coward.

I’d also make all NPCs wear a swastika armband, except Jews, who would have their faces painted red instead and can be beaten up as well.

I’d put all this shit into a single mod and distribute it for free online.

My Spider-Man would be the most played version of the game ever.



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