Obama Is Gay

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Obama is gay.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a guy who said that he smoked crack and had gay sex with Obama in 1999. After all these years of speculation we finally have proof that Barack Obama is a gay man.

And now the bombshell: Tucker is gay too.

Yes. He is. A homeless guy told me so this morning. He fucked Tucker up the ass 6 years ago in a decrepit basement in Poughkeepsie. They were both shooting heroin and things got heated and the next thing you know the homeless guy’s dick was inside Tucker, who was naked by still wore his stupid bowtie for some reason. Tucker groaned “Fuck me harder nigger!” and the homeless guy politely obliged. After the gay sex, blood and cum and shit and all kinds of unidentifiable foul juices oozed erratically out of Tucker’s busted asshole.

So Tucker Carlson is gay.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing this homeless guy exclusively for Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.


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