Of Course Jeremy Corbyn Attended A Pro-Palestine Protest In London

And of course he delivered a dumb speech in support of Palestine without condemning the heinous murders of innocent Israeli men, women, and children.

He didn’t even condemn Hamas, the terrorist organization that carried out the attacks.

A great man would have done it right then and there; on that stage, in front of all those retards. He would have strongly condemned the evil shit on both sides because there’s evil shit on both sides – with an emphasis on Hamas, evidently, because it’s a genuine terrorist organization and we, the civilized world, do not support terrorism.

But Jeremy Corbyn is not a great man.

He won’t publically condemn Hamas and once upon a time he even called them “friends”.

Friends! ladies and gentlemen. This despicable scumbag called them “friends”.

It’s a dead giveaway for what he truly believes.


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