Order On Campus


There’s none of it at elite universities across America, where students are protesting Israel’s war against Gaza through disturbing chants, violence, and destruction.

The moment these deadbeats were allowed to set up tents I knew the situation would only get worse.

I was right.

Right now education is on hold, property is being vandalized, anti-Semitism is at an all-time high, and the police are either making frivolous arrests or retreating like sissies.

At Columbia University they even established a “liberated zone”.   

Yeah – a “liberated zone”.


There’s nothing I’d rather do right now than enter the liberated zone with a baseball bat and clobber motherfuckers left and right as if they were zombies. I’d beat them like horse thieves. All of them. Women too. I don’t discriminate when dealing with woke retards.

God I wish I lived in America.

I’d have to throw the Nazi salute intermittently to signal that I’m not pro-Israel in this endeavor, now that I’m thinking about it. Don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. One can hate Jews and hate these scumbags at the same time.

But that’s how you solve this problem really: through mass beatings.

And then order will be restored.


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