I have discovered where heaven is.

Wherever you are, it is somewhere else.


Donald Trump Canceled His Trial

Donald Trump fixed his tie and confronted Judge Arthur Engoron with a hostile stare.

— This trial is a fucking disgrace and a sham! he suddenly howled, rising from the stand like the phoenix from the ashes of doom.


The Torture By Hope

Many years ago, as evening was closing in, the venerable Pedro Arbuez d’Espila, sixth prior of the Dominicans of Segovia, and third Grand Inquisitor of Spain, followed by a fra redemptor, and preceded by two familiars of the Holy Office, the latter carrying lanterns, made their way to a subterranean dungeon.



“Oh, boy!” people say of Freddie. “You just ought to meet him some time! He’s a riot, that’s what he is—more fun than a goat.”


Les Américains

My first and most poignant recollection of the thousands of Americans caught in France at the outbreak of war is in connection with a cable containing some five thousand of their names, which was killed by the censor on the ground that it was code.


Cost Of Living

Carrin decided that he could trace his present mood to Miller’s suicide last week. But the knowledge didn’t help him get rid of the vague, formless fear in the back of his mind. It was foolish. Miller’s suicide didn’t concern him.


African Women

The Africans were formerly renowned for their industry in cultivating the ground, for their trade, navigation, caravans and useful arts. At present they are remarkable for their idleness, ignorance, superstition, treachery, and, above all, for their lawless methods of robbing and murdering all the other inhabitants of the globe.


Absolute Enlightenment

I drove on the bleak streets of the city, a cool breeze in my face, meditating on senescence and the universe, on my way to a feast.


What Is Eugenics?

The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt.


I Have Met The Man Who Terrifies Jeff Bezos

Wow. I didn’t expect to see this guy when I clicked the link “Meet the Man who TERRIFIES Jeff Bezos”.

Appearances can be deceiving. This guy is not a rapper, nor a gang member; his name is Christian Smalls (no relation to Biggie Smalls) and he’s the President of the Amazon Labor Union.


Hubert And Minnie

For Hubert Lapell this first love-affair was extremely important. “Important” was the word he had used himself when he was writing about it in his diary. It was an event in his life, a real event for a change. It marked, he felt, a genuine turning-point in his spiritual development.


On Cyclones

I desire to state that my position as United States cyclonist for this judicial district is now vacant. I resigned on the 9th day of September, A.D. 1884.


The Ethics Of Controversy

Everything is disputable. I am willing to entertain arguments in support of any proposition whatsoever.

If you want to defend theft, mayhem, adultery, or murder, state your case, bring on your reasons; for in endeavoring to prove an indefensible thing you discover for yourself how foolish is your thesis.


The Place Of Madness

“Nonsense. A penitentiary is not intended to be a place for coddling and pampering those who have broken the law.”