Pissfeather’s Story

When the Europeans came to America they stumbled upon hordes of savages who were nonstop raping and killing each other.

The savages constantly tried to destroy the new settlements, marvelously built by the civilized newcomers on neural land, but they were too retarded to figure out that a bullet is mightier than an arrow, so their population crumbled. 

Years later, on the night of the Grinning Moon, as prophesized by the Great Hawk of Mount Chucha, a young savage called Pissfeather was captured near Yuma after stealing a cow. He was whipped but his life was spared. 

Pissfeather saw that these beautiful white strangers had books and toilets and machines and something called money that was used to buy all kinds of cool stuff, and he realized that there wasn’t any evil magic like his chief had preached while dancing naked around a fire. 

Pissfeather then went back to his people and told them what he saw and the savages finally made peace with the superior Europeans who gladly integrated them into their magnificent new society but if they stole they were whipped just like the negroes who were more or less of the same ilk. 


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